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In high school, there’s “that guy”. They're always the talk of the hallways, be it the legendary quarterback or the infamous loner. Sometimes they’re the Fonzie, other times they’re Sawako. But when you merely utter their name, it always gets

The classic story of Momotaro has been told many times over. A farmer’s wife finds a peach, which reveals a child living inside. That child grows to be a strong warrior, defeating monsters all over the land. But what if

When watching the final Harry Potter film, I thought to myself how epic it would be if both Harry and Voldermont fought to the point where they ran out of magic. This fight would then turn to one of strength,

Kotoyama has a knack for bringing out the sweet things in life, even when the sun goes down and the moon rises above. Then again, after their work on Dagashi Kashi, it’s evident that sweetness is their beckon call. This

When we last left Legoshi in BEASTARS, he was finally taking care of the long-running mystery of Paru Itagaki’s narrative. He acted heroically, as he took on Tem’s killer with a little help from Louis. But as we begin the

Thanks the gods that the original The Way of the Househusband has a new volume out. After being disappointed with Netflix and J.C.Staff’s anime adaptation (which was more picture show than legit animation), I needed a reminder of why Kosuke

First there was Takagi-san, whose teasing brought Nishikata towards a heated prank competition. Then there was Uzaki-chan, who taunted Sakurai until he embraced a more extroverted life. But now there’s a new queen of badgering that’s graced the anime realm,

It’s nice seeing a breath of fresh air blown into a tired sub-genre. When it comes to zombie stories, it’s narratives like Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and even Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that shine the brightest

There can be trouble when two people get married right when they first meet. Sure, there are some perks with getting automatically hitched, but there are some things that one misses out on when you don’t wait to wed. In

The tales of Sherlock Holmes can go down some dark paths, but it was up to one’s imagination to see just how shocking Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories could get. It’s only when you see the gruesome atrocities when one