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The greatest invaders in manga aren’t necessarily the strongest. From Sgt. Frog to the Great Jahy, their aim to conquer the universe is overshadowed by their cuteness and fail-inducing habits. But a new conqueror has arrived that hopes to break

I have simple tastes: I see a manga about vampires, I buy it. I see a manga about gay vampires? Say no more, take my money, here are the last four digits of my credit card number. You have my

Shogi is the game of intellect. Similar to chess, the game has you attempt to take control of the board and capture your opponent’s king. Strategy is key to victory, with the need to prep many moves ahead in order

There have been many a story revolved around the young runaway and the adult that puts them on the straight & narrow. Yet when these stories are done, rules must be put into effect, especially ones involving romance between the

Despite the threat of the undead around every corner, there’s plenty of freedom to be found when the world is ending. Akira and Kenichiro have been finding these freedoms throughout Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, as they check

Beauty, mystery, and darkness. That’s what I get when I read through Aki Irie’s Go With the Clouds, North-By-Northwest. The story of Kei searching for his estranged brother Michitaka in Iceland has that perfect blend of deep character development, which

Jujutsu Kaisen takes a gamble in its eleventh volume. It’s an epic fight within Shibuya Station, with everyone’s favorite cool guy Satoru Gojo in hero mode. But then, his old frienemy Suguru pops by and does the unthinkable: he bests

Has it seemed rather interesting that Nazuna seems to be the only vampire thus far in Call of the Night? One would think that there’d be more of these bloodsuckers floating around Japan, albeit hidden in the dark of night.

Damn you, Tatsuki Fujimoto! You just had to go and break Denji’s good boy heart! He wants love, and every time he looks to get it, it winds up blowing up in his face! But this time, that explosion is

**WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS** Readers of We Never Learn have been waiting for this moment to arrive. While most harem comedies go for the open-ended route, Taishi Tsutsui has given five different ways this series could end, followed by