October 2021

Life and love can be filled with nauseating moments. Sometimes things look to be right in the world. But thinking of that feeling when the other shoe drops suddenly starts making you nervous, like you’re about to throw up or

When Suda51 goes all in, he never flinches. Out of all the video game creators out there, he’s one of the few that gives his players everything he can fathom. Be it in cult classics like Killer7 or balls-to-the-wall mayhem

Everyone makes mistakes. Some big, some small. It’s natural to want a do-over every now and again, especially when things get rough. In Reina Soratani’s I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!, Lady Violette Rem Vahan knows this better than

King Baby Duck starts the countdown to Anime NYC, as he wonders whether he should be himself or his persona at the event. But things get a little crazy as talks about the new Nicholas Cage film Prisoners of the

Since 1977, Captain Harlock has taken to the stars in many variations. From his own series and playing second banana in Gun Frontier to cameos in Galaxy Express 999 and on The Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig's shirt, Leiji Matsumoto's anti-hero

As the saying goes: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Romance happening between two opposite sides has been going on since Shakespeare wrote about two crazy-in-love teens from rival families. In the superhero world, Batman and Catwoman have

The greatest invaders in manga aren’t necessarily the strongest. From Sgt. Frog to the Great Jahy, their aim to conquer the universe is overshadowed by their cuteness and fail-inducing habits. But a new conqueror has arrived that hopes to break

I have simple tastes: I see a manga about vampires, I buy it. I see a manga about gay vampires? Say no more, take my money, here are the last four digits of my credit card number. You have my

Summer 2021 gave anime fans a reason to celebrate, as some of the most beloved shows of the last couple of years finally made their return. From an anthropomorphic world dealing with bad carnivores to dragons blending in with human

Shogi is the game of intellect. Similar to chess, the game has you attempt to take control of the board and capture your opponent’s king. Strategy is key to victory, with the need to prep many moves ahead in order