April 2021

No family is complete without a pet. Sure, kids are great, but not every couple can see themselves as parents. Pets, however, are something that every loving pairing can agree upon, which is why many treat their canines, felines, and

These days, it’s hard to say “No” to the higher-ups. Any sign of disagreement can mean a demotion or — worse — unemployment! Fortunately, there’s a little life tutorial from Studio Fizbin that can assist you on your quest to

Kenjiro Hata gets how every guy thinks, even the sweet ones. Deep down, the kindest of folks will have their moments of pervertedness. There’s nothing wrong with having thoughts like that, so long as no harm is done. The temptation

Despite what he promised in the previous episode, King Baby Duck delivers another irregular show with a big heart & message! Our host welcomes Punks For Autism founder Steve Lombardo, who shares with us the inspiration behind the creation of

After treading through ten volumes, we’ve finally reached the moment we’ve been waiting for in BEASTARS. The stage is set, the curtain opens, and the fight is about to begin. Legoshi goes face-to-face with Tem’s killer, in a do-or-die bout

The Touhou series has expanded in many ways since its inception in 1995. Created by Team Shanghai Alice (which is run in a one-man operation via Jun’ya “Zun” Ōta), the doujin franchise has spanned shoot ‘em ups, fighting games, manga,

There was a time where I felt like I had to keep on hoping and wishing for my favorite anime series. Now, not only are great anime getting new seasons green-lit, but they’re be released on a monumental scale! But

Léanie Kaleido has always had the power of music to help her through the day. Whether it was blaring Ride or PJ Harvey for all to hear or hearing the strumming of a guitar from her father (and original Yardbirds member) Top Topham, Kaleido

My Hero Academia is a series that just screams to have spinoffs made from it. With the hundreds of heroes that Kohei Horikoshi has created in this one narrative, the idea of seeing side quests with these characters should be

When you think of what could’ve happened between the time Senku was frozen in time and awakened in Dr. STONE, the possibilities can be somewhat limited. With the entire world trapped in stone, it’s tough to imagine what kind of