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After treading through ten volumes, we’ve finally reached the moment we’ve been waiting for in BEASTARS. The stage is set, the curtain opens, and the fight is about to begin. Legoshi goes face-to-face with Tem’s killer, in a do-or-die bout

My Hero Academia is a series that just screams to have spinoffs made from it. With the hundreds of heroes that Kohei Horikoshi has created in this one narrative, the idea of seeing side quests with these characters should be

When you think of what could’ve happened between the time Senku was frozen in time and awakened in Dr. STONE, the possibilities can be somewhat limited. With the entire world trapped in stone, it’s tough to imagine what kind of

Brains against brawn. This has been one of the key narrative pieces of Dr. STONE since its very beginning. We’ve seen Senku and the Kingdom of Science come out on top in the "Stone Wars," leaving readers to guess that

Chihiro Ishizuka understands that perfect balance of comfort and comedy that make a great iyashikei. Her Flying Witch series is filled with magic, whimsy, and out-of-nowhere laughter. For the past couple of volumes, Ishizuka has attempted to expand the world

The Goodwill Event has reached its end in Jujutsu Kaisen, which means things should go back to normal for the sorcerers-in-training. Of course, in this manga, normalcy is the last thing that occurs for these characters. Every day is another

Cuteness and comedy go hand-in-hand when you share your house with pets. My dog Lucy knows how to not only look adorable, but can also bring laughter with her pig-like snorting and crazy happy face. This aspect of pets is

One of the things I appreciate about Blue Flag is how grounded in reality it is. Granted, there are some cartoonish expressions and the like, but its narrative and story points feel genuine. Author KAITO has a knack for showcasing

I should’ve expected this from Shuzo Oshimi. After all, most of the women in The Flowers of Evil had their issues. So why did I think that after Seiichi’s Mommy was thwarted by him and Fukiishi, that things would turn

If there were a Nobel Prize for violence, Chainsaw Man would be a top contender. It has been years since I’ve seen a manga go so balls-to-the-wall with its gore and mayhem. Tatsuki Fujimoto does not hold back at all