September 2021

If I had to describe Olympia Soirée in two words, they would be: "delightfully shameless." It knows exactly what it wants to be, and the target demographic it wants to hit. It charges full-steam ahead with it’s unapologetically indulgent romantic premise,

Damn you, Tatsuki Fujimoto! You just had to go and break Denji’s good boy heart! He wants love, and every time he looks to get it, it winds up blowing up in his face! But this time, that explosion is

**WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS** Readers of We Never Learn have been waiting for this moment to arrive. While most harem comedies go for the open-ended route, Taishi Tsutsui has given five different ways this series could end, followed by

Earth is in great need of human contact, and JATA pushes that idea in his upcoming EP Crazy Game of Phobias (in stores October 1st). The new record reminds listeners of a time when we could be in the same

When you’re second-in-command, almost everything is handed to you on silver platter. Servants giving you all of your needs, the finest of foods, and even the comfiest of bubble baths are just a finger snap away. And if you’re displeased,

Even when they get older, our canine and feline friends still have a puppy/kitten-like energy. No matter how much they age, that childlike mindset never seems to leave them. In Volume Four of With a Dog AND a Cat, Every

Sensor isn’t like anything else Junji Ito has ever published - and that’s where its problems begin. Originally serialized as Travelogue of the Succubus in 2018, Sensor is a directionless, dull, mess of a story that fails to neither compel

One can be abstract with their storytelling, so long as it’s still easy to follow. Sometimes the usage of symbolism or metaphors can help with letting readers know what’s going on. A writer can also hold back from showing their

King Baby Duck has had a bad two weeks, but his turmoil is overshadowed by the loss of the iconic Norm Macdonald. His spirits are lifted when he talks about the Netflix film Kate, as well as the new Steve

Nine years ago, Japan got itself a little game called Akiba’s Trip. The premise of this title revolved around ripping clothes off of zombies. Yes, it was one of those titles, but it did spawn itself an anime adaptation and