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September 2021

They say when the world closes a door, God opens a window. In the case of Legoshi, his need to eat Louis’s leg to battle Tem’s killer slammed a door right in his face. But in his new surroundings and

There would be a time when Dr. STONE would have to leave the confides of Japan. Now with a boat and reliable crew, Senku sets off towards the United States for some of that life-reviving corn. But before he gets

Considering that the very first shot of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory features three of its characters stark-raving nude in the bath, some would argue if that sight alone would either raise or lower a viewer's interest. After all, many

The rules of the Pretty Boy Detective Club are as followed: Be pretty. Be a boy. Be a detective. Be a team. Simple, yes? However, when you have Monogatari mastermind Nisioisin penning something entitled Pretty Boy Detective Club, you’ll know that

There have been many an isekai where a person’s been placed inside the mind of another. From My Next Life as a Villainess to The 8th son? Are you kidding me?, these forms of another world storytelling bring forth a