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I’ve never been to a cat cafe, and can’t say the idea of one appeals to me. Who wants cat hair anywhere near their coffee? Not me, no sir. I did, however, have a crush on Baron Humbert von Gikkingen

The fate of humanity in the hands of gods has been played out in many forms of fiction and religious scripture. But in those stories, it’s normally earthly catastrophes that humans fight off against. Having humans fighting against gods in

Whelp, it was bound to happen. Cells at Work! is a focus on the entire body deep in its job of caring for the person it’s powering. Naturally that would mean there’d be a trip somewhere down the line to

Romances can be unpredictable. One moment you are head-over-heels in love with your significant other; in the next, you’re bickering over the stupidest things! And that bickering can escalate to unfathomable levels, until things calm down and the relationship seemingly

The comedy of Call of the Night is what keeps me coming back each time. Sure, there’s the way Kotoyama draws his characters and the life lessons it attempts to tell, but the laughs feel most important in this series.

The human body is a vast network of blood, bones, organs, and microscopic entities living inside. Cells at Work! showcased how everything works together to keep bodies healthy, as well as what goes on to heal people from scrapes, bruises,

**WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS** In anime and manga rom-coms with multiple love interests, the path normally only goes two ways. To the left, it’s the open-ended finale, with all of the love interests still clamoring for the protagonist. On

Speedbumps can happen in just about every great story. But when they somehow come one after another, it’s hard to overlook their flaws. Such is the case with Volume Six of Spy × Family, which takes Twilight on a mission

I’ve come to a realization. After reading the first volume of Kirby Manga Mania, I was fully convinced that Kirby was the true villain of Dream Land. He caused chaos not just to main antagonist King Dedede, but to every

It’s no Taisho secret: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is the hottest thing to come out of Japan in recent years. Koyoharu Gotouge’s creation has taken over manga shelves, television screens, and has even knocked off Hayao Miyazaki as the