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MANGA REVIEW | "Fly Me to the Moon" - Vols. 8 & 9

MANGA REVIEW | "Fly Me to the Moon" - Vols. 8 & 9

There is nothing more romantic for two lovers to experience than to share a bath together. While it’s tougher to do it in America, Japan makes the act very easy with the plethora of hot springs and mixed baths spread across the country. But the question is how does one attempt to ask their partner to partake in such a sweet-yet-risqué act of love. Nasa finds such a request to be the ultimate challenge in the eighth volume of Fly Me to the Moon.

Tsukasa and Nasa are still enjoying their honeymoon, but the two have yet to experience one of the ultimate acts of romance: bathing together. Even as they’re surrounded by plenty of hot springs, the two find themselves too shy to suggest such an activity. But with the aid of a grandmotherly figure, Nasa’s quest to bathe with his wife begins with little confidence and slight stubbornness. Fortunately, it takes the right mood to finally get one’s significant other to agree.

This marks the first time readers are introduced to Tokiko Tsukoyumi, who signed the marriage certificate for Tsukasa to wed. After some teasing, Tsukoyumi reveals her approval for Nasa, as well as gives the boy the confidence to experience bathing with his wife. Despite her first impressions, it’s clear that Tsukasa’s guardian has a lot on her mind regarding Tsukasa and her means of showing affection. Thankfully, Nasa is just the kind of guy that helps get that love out for him to experience.

It leads to a cute-yet-funny situation where the two lovebirds finally decide to bathe with one another. Neither of them know exactly what to say, as embarrassment fills their minds and bodies. Even funnier is the realization that neither of them are going to be able to leave without one of them seeing them full-frontal. This part showcases the silliness within the heart of Fly Me to the Moon, as both Nasa and Tsukasa do their very best to show their love without it going an incredibly naughty route.

Of course, love doesn’t just happen in the warmest of places; it also comes around when the air is chill. And no other place becomes more cooler than Nasa and Tsukasa’s home, after the two decide to beat the summer heat with a new air conditioning unit. It’s a situation that at first leads to some bliss, only to barrel down into a fight between being too hot and too cold in the summer night. How they take turns switching the temperatures is not just humorous, it’s incredibly relatable!

Not much progress occurs in Volume Eight of Fly Me to the Moon, but it still shows off why Nasa and Tsukasa are the cutest couple around. While they managed to deal with one hurdle regarding shared bathing, it’s becoming more clear that these two have plenty other challenges ahead if they wish to ignite a romantic firestorm. Nevertheless, these two newlyweds have yet to overstay their honeymoon, as Fly Me to the Moon demonstrates the true power a cute couple can deliver in a rom-com.



What makes Kenjiro Hata’s Fly Me to the Moon work is its balance of cuteness and hilarity. The coupling of Nasa and Tsukasa brings plenty of both, with the side characters adding their own charm and silliness. In Volume Nine, readers will be treated with perfect portions of both. We’ll also see things get rather steamy, both literally and metaphorically.

Nasa decides to step up his game with Tsukasa, after he reveals he wants to see her dress up in her yukata. Kyuma’s pestering reveals her dumb side, while Kaname gives the couple some alone time in one of the baths. But when Nasa has trouble reading cues from Tsukasa, he takes it upon himself to educate himself using shojo manga. Thankfully, Tsukasa has a chance to show her loving side when Nasa comes down with a summer cold.

Framing and presentation are very important in a manga rom-com, and Fly Me to the Moon hits each mark properly. How the loving couple blushes when one of them does something cute adds a sort of innocence to even the lewdest of actions. Whether it’s attempting to pay a compliment or a late-night in the sauna, Nasa and Tsukasa showcase the sort of sweetness that any couple would want in a relationship. While it’s still far from a how-to guide for romance, Hata manages to find ways to make readers give at least one of the things these two try a go.

It’s when the comedic aspect of the manga comes into play when the writing hits its stride. Tsukasa and Kaname dealing with Kyuma’s stupidity showcases the witty banter that can happen in this series. Nasa being teased by Tsukasa for being unable to catch fish brings a sly cockiness to the wife that’s more silly than mean-spirited. Nasa attempting to swoon Tsukasa with a morning compliment results in a dumbfounded reaction, one that destroys both people in very different ways.

Volume Nine of Fly Me to the Moon is very hard to talk about, as there’re so many great silly and romantic moments. It shows just how much Kenjiro Hata has evolved as a writer, as his comedic chops have only sharpened since his Hayate the Combat Butler days. This was a perfect volume of Fly Me to the Moon, as it demonstrates all of the series’s strengths in one neat little package. But do prepare your eyes for what Nasa does for Tsukasa in the last couple of pages. (Even I did a double-take when the panels hit me!)


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