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If there’s one thing BEASTARS is great at showing, it’s how far a character would go to prove their strength. Legoshi, Louis, and even Haru have demonstrated their means of evolving all for the sake of being a better person.

Attack on Titan has become a cultural phenomenon over the last ten years. From Hajime Isayama's original manga to the iconic anime adaptation, the story of man against giants has taken over the minds & hearts of fans everywhere. With

There are three different categories you could place an isekai series. The first place is the unique pile, where series like KonoSuba and Saga of Tanya the Evil reside. Then there is the generic-yet-interesting category, where you’ll find series like

With a seat at the Union’s table, Andy and Fuuko found themselves in good company in the last Undead Unluck. However, during their first mission, chaos reigned all over Nevada. Worse, Andy’s previous entity Victhor woke from his slumber, causing

It was bound to be revealed that there’s more than one Kingdom of Science in the realm of Dr. STONE. Japan’s not the only home for the brightest minds; the United States has their fair share, as well. So when

There are those who like their manga to have some deep context, filled with hidden meaning and metaphors on life. And then, there are manga fans that just want explosive and graphically violent fights. The iconic Fist of the North

It’s been over a year since Nasa and Tsukasa got hitched in Fly Me to the Moon. Since that time, they’ve taken trips, experienced newfound loves, and have grown closer with every waking moment. And yet, there’s still this sort

Sometimes physical strength can overcome even the most powerful of spells. Perhaps this is why I instantly fell in love with Hajime Komoto’s debut series Mashle: Magic and Muscles. What started out as a Harry Potter parody has already become

Rom-coms about cute girls falling in love with cute guys are as bountiful as smutty romance novels in your local Wal-Mart’s clearance bin. There are some that do shine more than others, especially the manga that pokes fun of the

Sometimes even beautiful people have trouble finding love. Those not in that group could deem it a first-world problem for those types of people. However, it’d be kind of cruel to say that good-looking folks don’t have a hard time