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Space operas can have a hard time pulling off something imaginative these days. It would seem that just about everything from the dramatic to the comedic aspects of this genre has been visited and revisited in some form. From the likes

Leave it to Hikaru Nakamura to up the crazy every single time. Even with its many heartfelt moments, her series Arakawa Under the Bridge always manages to bring the kookiness to unfathomable levels. In fact, one may say it had

The proper way to do a harem comedy isn't to just have everyone be in love with the protagonist; it's with proper building of feelings and relationships that lead to story-writing gold. It's because of this key factor that makes

For a series that ended well over fifteen years ago, Tsutomu Nihei's BLAME! still has a lot of life left in it. A recent Netflix movie brought Nihei's series back into the consciousness of manga & anime fans alike, erasing

When I was a kid, I fondly looked forward to when my class would get those Scholastic mini-catalogs. In these catalogs, classics like Goosebumps and Animorphs would often be paired up with kid-friendly light-novel tie-ins to such films as Ace

Consider it a good thing when other writers come in to aid with a main series' spinoff. Imagine the lack of sleep Kohei Horikoshi would have if it was only his hand that wrote & drew the entirety of My

Whenever I read a work by Aki Irie, there always seems to be a certain spark of magic that's present around me. Her series Ran and the Gray World has demonstrated such a fleeting feeling as I turn each page,

Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist may have had its serious moments, but it's when the Elric brothers went for a laugh where the series shined the most. Perhaps this is why Arakawa always ended each manga volume with some humorous four-panel

Jun Mayuzuki has this knack for capturing multiple forms of emotion, especially in their series After the Rain. Young love, thickheadedness, physical & emotional pain, and even having responsible mentalities are presented in such a beautiful and relatable way. Because

41 years ago, a new face in the manga realm emerged with her debut title. This series would spawn anime, movies, and a plethora of merchandise & video games; it would also become one of the most beloved series of