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The end of one's adolescence can be a rather tricky path to cross. In some cases, it's an innocent romp that awakens a person’s adulthood, discovering new things about themself and those around them. However the pathway to maturity can

Common sense has no place of residence in Arakawa Under the Bridge. Hikaru Nakamura's manga series is ripe with crazy characters surrounding the level-headed Kou Ichinomya, who has recently been dubbed Recruit by its kappa-dressing mayor. However, the protagonist who

While She and Her Cat first opened the anime world to his work, it wasn't until Makoto Shinkai's 2002 short Voices of a Distant Star came out where even the bigwigs of the industry started to take notice. Made mostly

Coolkyoushinja's Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid took the world by storm last year, thanks to Kyoto Animation's hilarious and heartwarming anime adaptation. Naturally, it would seem fitting that the universe that Tohru and Kobayashi reside in would be expanded via a

The first volume of Mitsuru Hattori's manga adaptation of NISIOISIN's Imperfect Girl got off on a rocky start, with the unnamed protagonist (known here as "I") locked in the closet belonging to a strange elementary school student named "U." Told

Back in 2014, I was introduced to an anime series called Tonari no Seki-kun. The episodes followed a usual plot-line involving student Rumi witnessing her classmate Seki goofing off in the most unique ways as the teacher was going on

Keiichi Arawi has a knack for blending charm, adorability, and some way out there kind of humor into his works. His popular nichijou series gave way to some of the most beloved non sequitur comedy throughout Japan, reaching worldwide audiences'

Chihiro Ishizuka's Flying Witch is one of the most comfortable manga around. The tale of witch-in-training Makoto and the relatives that bring her in is filled to the brim with beauty, humor, and childlike imagination that readers of all ages

Imagine going nearly all your life never having to owe anybody a favor. Just when everything's about to come up roses, karma literally pants you and forces a debt of gratitude into your well-being. When you come face-to-face with the

An author creates tales, and an aspiring author simply lies. This is the mentality of the nameless protagonist of Imperfect Girl, a man whose failed countless number of times to be a published writer. However a chance meeting with a