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Vertical Comics’s special edition of Chi’s Sweet Home is massive! There is no way anyone in the demographic that Konami Kanata’s manga is meant for could carry it. Each one of the four volumes (which have three regular-sized ones crammed

With Louis leaving Cherryton Academy, the title of Beastar is up for anyone to grab. As the Council of Living Beings meet to discuss who will deserve that title, an air of remembrance lingers in the campus. Tem’s murderer is

The mighty ocean that surrounds Ishigami Village holds many secrets, one of which is the origin of the world petrification incident. With the mastermind behind it all still alive — who is given the name Why Man — Senku and

I was legit worried about what road Hitomi Takano’s My Boy would go after its fifth volume. Deep down, I had this great fear that the story would jolt towards an uncomfortable plotline, something that the previous volume hinted at

The universe of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a vast one, but I was starting to get worried about its spinoff Kanna’s Daily Life. Its previous volume was, to be blunt, lackluster, as it was missing the charm and wit

I’ll admit: I was starting to lose interest in Jujutsu Kaisen. While I admired the story it was telling, it wasn’t doing all too good of a job of keeping up the level of excitement seen in its first volume.

Just when you think everything is hunky dory, the rug could be pulled from under you. That feeling can bring all the joy you’ve been experience to a grinding halt, even disappearing from your heart. Despite the good that comes

In myths and folktales, there are stories of majestic beasts that go beyond the imagination of common people. Whether they’re based out of Asian, European, or Native American backgrounds, these characters bring forth a multitude of magic and tales of

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is all about the underdogs. The story of The Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster places a spotlight on the heroes that do great things with very small powers. So it can get very exciting to see

Even someone as seemingly lighthearted as the titular character Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun has secrets of his own. It was only a matter of time when they would start leaking out, with Nene and Kou seeking out the truth behind School Mystery