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After getting a simple fix for his microphone, King Baby Duck praises both the anime and manga versions of After the Rain for its means of storytelling and character development. Telltale Games shuts down out of the blue, leaving our

The human heart is a fickle thing. Worst than that, it can make you feel things about certain people that would make normal folks raise an eyebrow or two. One of those things a heart can do is make you

Realtors can have quite the tricky job. Almost daily they have to help future homeowners find the perfect spot to lay their hats and start a fresh new chapter in their lives. So imagine how difficult it must be for

Calling Keiichi Arawi's style of humor "zany" is very much the understatement of the manga world. There's something about the way he blows even the most minor of things out of proportion, passing through the imaginative limits of the average

I feel it necessary to preface this review with a disclaimers: If the yaoi genre is not a genre that you like or are familiar with, Escape Journey might not be the best place to start. As a fan of the genre, I

People with hidden secrets have been a cornerstone of many a great story. From paupers really being princes to happy wives hiding serial killer pasts, these twists aim to build upon the shoulders of the characters for better or worse.

Even having a plethora of mic troubles won't keep King Baby Duck from doing his show! After watching the DC Extended Universe crumble in front of our eyes, our host gives hope that the rekindling friendship between Nintendo and Square Enix might

Japan and France are two countries whom I can almost always count on for delivering some fresh and fun stories and adventures. Be it the masterful guilds of Fairy Tail and the rise of a future Hokage in Naruto, to

I can't remember the last time a manga had me gripped into its story right at the first page. Dr. STONE, the latest series from Eyeshield 21 creator Riichiro Inagaki, isn't like anything that I've come across in recent memory.

Hikaru Nakamura's Arakawa Under the Bridge always knows how to find the perfect balance between surprisingly heartfelt and off-the-wall insane. With its foray of strange residents ranging from a Venusian to kappa, the amount of crazy that's placed into each