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SNK’s The King of Fighters is, to be blunt, my favorite fighting game series. While Street Fighter has the more iconic characters and Mortal Kombat the most brutal of moves, the world of SNK’s series is far vast and deeper

Arakawa Under the Bridge is the very last place I would expect anything that could cause some sort of concern. And yet, as the series is slowly coming to its end, a new threat that could change the dynamic of

The problem with most shonen manga about defeating demonic entities is that a lot of them have treaded too much similar ground. Even if it’s something that’s presented with great visuals and loads of heart, it’s fairly easy to recall

WARNING: The following manga discussed in this review is intended for readers 18 & older. In other words:   (Pic from FlorkOfCows) I’m no stranger to the world of erotic manga. Every anime convention I go to, I’m always sneaking through the FAKKU

This post contains adult material. Click here to verify your ageThis post contains adult material. Click here to verify your age

When you see the name Shuzo Oshimi attached to a manga, you know you’re in for a disturbing journey. His work on The Flowers of Evil was a polarizing affair, diving between the brilliantly absurd to the just-plain fucked up.

The Boston Bastard Brigade, AsianCrush, GamePress, Toonami Faithful, DubTalk, Gifted Sounds Network, Too Stupid Gamerz, GeekLyfe, Anime Lately, and NerdBlast all sit down to chat with voice actor Max Mittelman at this past year's Anime NYC! Hear about his work on Demon

Every manga rom-com must have some sort of endgame planned, especially those that take place in high school. After all, we can’t have the characters just say in high school forever; that would defeat the purpose of the story. We

Explosion-loving mages, a king-to-be, and a manga artist writing out of their comfort zone are some of the new and spinoff titles people can dive deep into this August from Yen Press! Check out the list below to see what's

Going into Tamekou’s My Androgynous Boyfriend, I knew right away that I wasn’t the target audience for this kind of manga. While I do enjoy the cute things in life, there’s a certain kind of cute that I like; this

Humanity can be a curious gaggle, and Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World has demonstrated the many faces and emotions people have. That may sound like some reworking of a bullshit statement straight from the mouth of a two-bit guru, but