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Not everything in Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World is painted with a grim color. Throughout Iruka Shiomiya’s adaptation of Keiichi Sigsawa’s original light novels, there are moments where Kino and their talking motorrad Hermes get a break from the chaotic

Quickly the Special Events Hall of the Javits Center filled to capacity, as the sounds of YouTube star Kizuna Ai blared on the screen and through the speakers. Excitement filled the air as fans of the hit series Dr. STONE

Soul Reapers, Jututsu Sorcerers, and a new story from horror mastermind Junji Ito are arriving just in time for the holiday season from Viz Media! Check below to see what's in store: Bleach Blu-ray Set 5 (available now) Blu-ray MSRP: $54.97 U.S. /

Is it strange that rom-coms revolved around teasing are some of the most fun to bear witness to? Perhaps a lot of it has to do with the whole mantra of “they tease you because they like you” that we

No Guns Life is a story about a guy with a gun for a head. On any other occasion, this should automatically result in nonstop badass fights and 80s-inspired anarchy. Yet in Tasuku Karasuma’s manga, what’s showcased throughout is a

My Hero Academia is a vast world, which is why I’m thankful that this Vigilantes spinoff exists. It gives readers the opportunity to witness a world that — while still colorful — has a defining shade of gray alongside it.

Are you mad? You sure got a mad vibe coming off of you. See, even when you’re smiling like that, I still feel like you’re angry about something. No, that sparkling look in your pupils is certainly hiding something rage-inducing.

I’ve watched enough Grey’s Anatomy to know that romance and doctors normally don’t mix well. (Okay, I’ve only seen the commercials, but you get the entire plot of the show just by watching those!) So of course someone in the

Those who have read my countless reviews of Riichiro Inagaki and BOICHI’s manga series Dr. STONE will know that I hold that series with the highest of regards. Every chapter and twist that is thrown my way has wowed and

To fans of the Monogatari light novel series, VOFAN is the mastermind behind its dream-like visuals that fills the pages and covers of NISIOISIN’s beloved franchises. The Taiwan-based artist crafts a look & style that belong both in the realms