After a brief hiatus, Shameless Tuesdays has returned! And this time, we're heading to the Ukraine for the electronica pops and beats of 6TH CROWD! A new project of On the Wane frontwoman Dari Maksymova, 6TH CROWD delivers a gothic tone via dark melodies and her native tongue. This mixture results in a retro video game-sounding escapade that is drenched in nightmarish green neon and dream-like strobe lights, as evident in her debut track "Самозванцы" (pronounced "Samozvantsiy").

Here's what 6TH CROWD has to say about this week's Shameless Tuesdays playlist, which takes influence from a very familiar manga series:

You know this might sound weird but… the other day this manga made me think of electronic music.

I was reading about Komi Can’t Communicate, by Tomohito Oda. Komi comes off as sort of aloof and haughty, but then the introverted main character discovers that she’s just extremely shy and awkward. The rest of the manga is about these two introverts learning to express themselves.

I think electronic music is a lot like Komi. People think it’s all beats and hard edges, but a lot of electronic music is soft, luxurious, and melodic.

In fact, a lot of Ukrainian electronic music is made by shy introverts, to give other shy introverts a safe place to express themselves and connect, in the shared privacy of the dance floor.

This list consists of tracks either by Ukrainians or named after Ukrainian cities. Some songs are well known, some songs aren’t well known yet. But each one has something to express to you, each song has a shy secret to share. I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. I snuck one of my songs on there too, Самозванцы [Samozvantsy] it’s also about our inner introverts.

For more information on 6TH CROWD, visit their official Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram, Soundcloud, and YouTube!

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