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A good comedy never forgets that it’s okay to be ridiculous once in awhile. Whether it’s in comics, movies, TV, or any form of entertainment, funny for the sake of funny always manages to be a terrific golden standard. It’s

In most magical girl anime, the heroines become as tightly knit as a family. They bear responsibilities, fight epic battles, and confide in ways that make their friendships go one step further. So it’s somewhat surprising that the concept of

To follow up an iconic series with something new puts pressure on even the most well-respected of creators. Perhaps this is why Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto wished to try his hand a little something different for his next series. Where

The Golden Sheep has left me feeling, well, I don’t quite know how to explain it. Kaori Ozaki’s most recent series to hit our shores has just wrapped up, but the way things conclude don’t exactly feel gratifying. In a

At long last, BEASTARS has shown the kind of fangs it’s been hiding since Chapter One. There would be a time when Legoshi would sink his teeth into meat, and that time has arrived. But it’s not for the sake

It’s hard to believe that Haruka Takachiho created Dirty Pair forty years ago. Originally a light novel series, the duo of Kei and Yuri soon blasted into anime history with a slew of popular TV and OVA series. It was

The Stone Wars has officially reached its end in Dr. STONE. As the battle between brains and might concludes, it was apparent right from the get-go who would stand triumphantly. Who would’ve guess that there’d be a way for both

It can be very impressive seeing the deep philosophical takes Nisioisin fits into his narratives, especially in his Monogatari franchise. He can take a scenario that’s so out there and confusing, and then — with a mere clap of his

The Wizard Knight Arc of RADIANT has had its ups and downs, but with the growth of Seth throughout its setting, it’s had more highlights than moments to quickly forget. At the tenth volume, this chapter in the search for

Akiko Morishima is a master when it comes to writing about lesbian relationships. Even when she only does the art side of things like with Kunihiko Ikuhara’s Yurikuma Arashi, there’s a tender heart and careful soul placed into all of