June 2020

The soapbox has been put away today for a more fun show, as King Baby Duck shares his thoughts on the films Rocketman and A Whisker Away! Plus a beloved cult cartoon based on a cult hit film celebrates its 20th

There’s a lot riding on Tower of God. The first anime collaboration between Crunchyroll and WebToon, the series is seen as the first step towards a possible new trend: anime based on Korean web comics (or manhwa). With over 484

In tales of fantasy, witches and wizards alike have massive libraries of spells on-hand. One must wonder where these pieces of literature may come from, as one mere magical person couldn’t possibly do it on their own. Mochinchi and Yasuhiro

There are times where one wishes they can take the easy way out when writing an anime review. Just a straight-to-the-point sentence that conveys all of one’s feelings about a certain thing. However, there’s a thing called “journalistic integrity” that

With a twinkle through the speakers, Darwin's new single "Dance Alone" pierces the eardrums with a sad tone and an uplifting melody. The Santa Rosa-based artist delivers a dance floor gem that beckons to the likes of Foster the People and Washed Out. It's

Now that Cyfandir behind them, the characters of RADIANT begin a new chapter in their adventures. With Ocoho joining Seth, MĂ©lie, and Doc on their escapades, the journey to find the elusive Nemeses nest has become just a tad more

Demons-in-training, vampire brothers, space pirates, and some ordinary high school girls are all arriving in full force from Section23 Films this September! Check out the big list below to see what anime fans can expect: THE DEMON GIRL NEXT DOOR Published by:

Flying Witch has demonstrated the power of magic in everyday life since its first page. But when it comes to showcasing the fantastical kind of spells, it knows how to present them with warmth and sweetness. In its eighth volume,

It's been awhile, but King Baby Duck has found the need to pull out the soapbox. Not in the mood to talk about anime or any sort of pop culture stuff, our host lays down his thoughts on some of the many

If you’re looking for a relaxing show to watch, you can never go wrong with SILVER LINK’s Non Non Biyori. The anime about four classmates of different grades living in a small country town is a calming escape from the