December 2020

It’s been the question running through everyone’s mind since BEASTARS began: who killed Tem? The murder was the first domino to fall at Cherryton Academy, with tension and fear dripping through the campus halls. Finally, after years of waiting, Legoshi’s

Some people go clubbing; others just hang out in bars. When I need to go out and do my thing, I hit the concert venues. Of course, during this psychotic year of 2020, this is one of the things that

The indie music scene took Japan by storm in 2020, as evident by this year's edition of King Baby Duck's top Japanese album releases! Some new faces, a couple of old ones, and even some impressive debut albums are placed

It's been a long time since Streets of Rage or Bare Knuckle has received an entry in the series since the third game, but that didn't stop fans from making their own. While it is a shame that a Streets

Here’s my conundrum: I’ve spent six hours playing a video game, which is a fair amount of time to put into a single title. The problem: I’m still stuck on the first level! What’s a critic to do if they

How can anyone resist that snarky smile that’s placed on the face of the titular character of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro? Despite her bully-ish mannerisms, behind that smile is a caring and sweet gal waiting for her Senpai

My Hero Academia knows how to balance deep drama, great action, and some light comedy. Its spinoff Vigilantes also does a good job with this, but brings it more into a grittier setting. But in its eighth volume, My Hero

These days, No Borders No Race gets a lot of requests from various PR representations; however, you'll always remember your first. It was Summer 2016 when the Boston Bastard Brigade's inbox started receiving emails from an indie press relations team known

So, it's finally come. The conclusion of a sub-series of a franchise. After seven years of Trails of Cold Steel, the story reaches its own finish line with its fourth and final chapter. This review will cover an overview of

Although the world was a weird place in 2020, we should at least be grateful that there was plenty of anime to help us escape from the madness when needed. Crunchyroll played host to many of this year's best shows,