It's been awhile, but King Baby Duck has found the need to pull out the soapbox. Not in the mood to talk about anime or any sort of pop culture stuff, our host lays down his thoughts on some of the many current issues that are happening right now. Taking a cue from the world-premiere episode of BlackCompat, KBD talks about the importance of Black Lives Matter, as well as the right and wrong ways to handle Cancel Culture. (He also goes on a very long rant about a certain person currently sitting in the highest position of American power. So yeah, this one's a doozy!)

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. Su凸ko D凹koi - #Ojisan no Iru Seikatsu σ(^_^;) (from the "Pandemic Club Story" single)
  2. Masayoshi Ohishi - Eiyu no Uta (digital single)
  3. 2Square / Mark Gardener - Chained (digital single)
  4. Naggs - Scruffy Man (from the album Time to Mess Around)
  5. SCANDAL - Living in the city (digital single)
  6. Run The Jewels - Holy Calamafuck (from the album RTJ4)
  7. JETT SETT - Salvation (from the GO AHEAD EP)
  8. tacica - Zōge no Tō (from the "aranami" single)
  9. Darwin - Dance Alone (digital single)
  10. The Spunks - Bedroom Stomp (from the album Born to Be Mild) [out of print]
  11. The Stephanies - Keep Clean (from the Zaitaku EP)
  12. Street Sweeper Social Club - Clap for the Killers (from the album Street Sweeper Social Club)
  13. PassCode - STARRY SKY (digital single)

The revolution is broadcasting. It's No Borders No Race: Episode Ni-Hyaku-Yon-Juu-Nana!

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Opening theme: "The S.S. Shitstorm" by the_Stampede (from the album A Marvel of Idiocy)

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