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Shuzo Oshimi's The Flowers of Evil can be one perplexing series at times. There are moments where you seen teenage revolt in its most animalistic forms, to the point where its characters cross certain lines that no sane individual would

In the world of pop culture, people with both Autism and Asperger Syndrome tend to get a bad rep. In movies and TV, writers tend to focus primarily on those on the lower Spectrum, causing those who are far higher to be judged solely on what others may see in a work of fiction. I say this because I've personally been through that form of judgement, and let me tell you: it's not fun having to constantly explain one's self in the slightest! Fortunately, over on the other side of the Pacific, there's an artist that is doing all that she can to shine a far better light on the Spectrum than most others, and she may be successful on her quest.

King Baby Duck gets his episode numbers squared away, as he dives into what actually happened at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. One of our host's favorite superheroes returns in comic form, and Toonami brings anime comedy back to Adult Swim

If Keiichi Arawi's skill of being a mad comic genius wasn't apparent in nichijou or Helvetica Standard, then his latest work CITY is what's going to cement that fact. The task of creating yet another crazy world filled with the

She may not realize it, but manga author Nagata Kabi is a voice for this generation. Her previous work My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness was an eye-opening look at how she dealt with the empty feeling in her gut via

In some stories, magic and science conflict with one another. However, there are tales of when the capabilities of both the mystical and medical can come together in harmony. Kaziya's How To Treat Magical Beasts: Mine and Master's Medical Journal

Within the confides of normalcy, an adventure must pop up sooner or later. Chihiro Ishizuka's Flying Witch may promote a balance between fantasy magic and real-life beauty, but even it knows when it's time to have a fun romp. Volume

It's impossible to ignore the zaniness that Hikaru Nakamura's Arakawa Under the Bridge delivers in each volume. However, also as important to the looniness of the plot is the surprising amount of heart that is placed into its characters, especially

After being on hiatus for nearly two months, No Borders No Race is back! This week, King Baby Duck comes to the realization that the FX series Archer should probably call it quits, while Jack White's newest albums leaves little

It was April of 2009 when my friend came out to me as transgendered. As a person who was treated differently due to his Autism, I quickly responded with acceptance and understanding. Although coming out stories can rarely be as