April 2020

Everyone remember the hullabaloo about the dangers of Y2K back during the end of the Nineties? While it didn't end up all that much of a problem in the real world, it's actual effects only got rolled back 20 years

Take the elegant sounds of Sweden and inject it with some Southern attitude straight from the arteries of Atlanta, Georgia. That's I Am a Rocketship in a nutshell, whose melodies contain as much playful purity as it does tough-as-nails grit!

The Golden Sheep has left me feeling, well, I don’t quite know how to explain it. Kaori Ozaki’s most recent series to hit our shores has just wrapped up, but the way things conclude don’t exactly feel gratifying. In a

An extreme hobbyist & his jaded classmate, a scientist looking for love, and a book club finding out how bodies & emotions change are all what's to come this July from Section23 Films! Look below to see what's on their horizon! TONARI NO SEKI-KUN:

At long last, BEASTARS has shown the kind of fangs it’s been hiding since Chapter One. There would be a time when Legoshi would sink his teeth into meat, and that time has arrived. But it’s not for the sake

Envision green fields and a mighty tree on a hill. Underneath that tree are a few friends playing spring-friendly melodies that take you down a comfortable rabbit hole. Odds are, those friends might be the Brighton, UK-based rock collective The

It’s hard to believe that Haruka Takachiho created Dirty Pair forty years ago. Originally a light novel series, the duo of Kei and Yuri soon blasted into anime history with a slew of popular TV and OVA series. It was

Although convention season has been curbed due to the current health crisis, it hasn't stopped the world of anime from grinding to a halt. At Crunchyroll, a plethora of new series have been unleashed for the community to enjoy, as weekly

The Stone Wars has officially reached its end in Dr. STONE. As the battle between brains and might concludes, it was apparent right from the get-go who would stand triumphantly. Who would’ve guess that there’d be a way for both

It's a scary world right now, and our host King Baby Duck can't help but admit that fact. But he tries his damndest to do something positive, with the help of All in! Games's Head of Internal Development Norman Lenda