September 2020

I have a very big soft spot for whatever Kenichiro Takaki creates. His Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive franchises have delivered a mixture of incredibly fun titles and some that are worth at least laughing through. (The series also feature

With a violin in hand, San Francisco's KnightressM1 has but one mission: to hypnotize you! With their debut album Dreams and Devastation, the trio of vocalist/violinist Emily Palen, 50FOOTWAVE's Rob Ahlers on drums, and Whitesnake bassist Uriah Duffy encapsulate the

When the fighting gets going, that’s where Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru shines the brightest. The collaborative manga from Naruto creator Masami Kishimoto and illustrator Akira Okubo know how to deliver a memorable battle in page form. But when

Who are dumber: high school girls or high school boys? There’s a plethora of manga and anime that support both sides, with Asobi Asobase and The Wasteful Days of High School Girls showcasing stupidity with feminine twist and Cromartie High

A basketball team of degenerates, rifle enthusiasts, and heroes-to-be are arriving in the nick of time for St. Nick this December from Section23 Films! Check out what's to come below! AJIN: THE OADS Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 67

It’s quite fascinating seeing how much We Never Learn has evolved throughout each volume. What started out as a paint-by-numbers rom-com in the making has transformed into one of the most delightfully funny and sweet stories in the current medium.

In a magical land far beyond time Stood a kingdom where the mightiest bells did chime A warrior so noble, so quick, and fair Possessing a strength that came ‘round so rare Each warrior that stood across his way Found themselves beaten and gone astray With

After having a minor panic regarding getting both nothing and everything done, King Baby Duck welcomes Serenity Forge founder Zhenghua Yang as they talk about their upcoming video game Date Night Bowling! Hear all about its creation, the mini-games, and

I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt warm & fuzzy after playing a video game. While something like Pixel Reef’s Paper Beast left my body riddled with goosebumps, the emotion of pure, relieving joy has not come to

My experience with running can be summed up by my time in Lynn Classical High School’s Cross Country Team: lots of sweat, plenty of heavy breathing, and an abundance of shin splits. Naturally, I don’t look back fondly at my