October 2020

Summer is almost always a guarantee for great anime, and this year is no exception. Not only were we given some great adaptations of popular manga, but we also were treated to some originals that found many ways to wow!

I’m greatly disturbed by what Shuzo Oshimi is able to bring to the manga realm. And yet, I’m also fascinated by his storytelling. The only person that I can compare his narrative style is the late Satoshi Kon, whose films

It’s hard to describe my love for what Kenjiro Hata has brought to the manga and anime world. His Hayate the Combat Butler still stands as one of my all-time favorite series, as it showcased many huge laughs and endearing

You ever see someone with a new look, and it instantly makes your eyebrows squint? Think of when a person dyes their hair a strange color, or perhaps grows a mustache or goatee, and it makes onlookers ask “Why?” This

A new year means a new selection of anime, and Section23 Films aims to wow fans with some top-notch selections! From an iconic manga's return and a lover of books to a new releases of a certain witch-in-training, there are

The Pull of Autumn was one of the first participants of Shameless Tuesdays, with their original playlist showcased two years ago! Since that time, the New England-based indie rockers have expanded their reach, with many new collaborators itching to dive into

The world was first introduced to Crypto in 2005, when Destroy All Humans! hit then-gen consoles with fire, explosion, and enough anal probing to write several Chuck Tingle books about. After a couple of sequels, the little gray invader vanished,

Witches with poor track records have made interesting stories in the past, from the movie The Worst Witch to Studio TRIGGER’s anime Little Witch Academia. There’s plenty of story to pull from this sort of plot, but it can often

One of the last things I would’ve expected to see in Dr. STONE is the science of beautification. But when it comes time to infiltrate the mysterious Treasure Island, it’s up to the art of gorgeousness to get the plan

I’m what you would call the line between being a cat person or a dog person. All my life, I spent ogling at my friends’ and neighbors’ furry friends, wanting to play with them all the time until they got