January 2021

Double standards exist everywhere. People often deal with backlash that their opposites wouldn’t receive. This is very evident when it comes to gender norms and roles, as some folks tend to be weirded out when a person of one sex

In 2010, Team Meat took the Xbox Live Arcade by storm with Super Meat Boy. The platformer had you jumping tall heights, evading traps, and taking on tough areas that would make the average gamer rage-quit after succumbing for the

Universal comedy can be a tough thing to master. A good gag that gets as big a laugh in Japan as it does in America can be few and far in-between. In some cases, one must be familiar with a

Jazz enthusiasts, killer robots, and a real betting man are heading our way this April from Section23 Films! Check out the releases below to see what's in store! ELFEN LIED Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 350 min. Street Date: 4/6/2021 Format:

It's the first official episode of No Borders No Race of 2021, and King Baby Duck is more-than-prepared to take on the new year! Big laughs are served in the new Funimation series Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies

The spy game is not an easy one to play, no matter who you are in the player’s bracket. This has been very evident to Twilight, the master of disguise who has been chosen to take on a daunting task

Sometimes dreams can have a speed bump or two in its path towards achievement. I speak from experience regarding this, as many of my personal goals have taken years to achieve due to things beyond my control. In the latest

There’s something both therapeutic and endearing about the classic game Space Invaders. When it first came out in 1978, it was deemed revolutionary, paving the way for video games to take over the world. Four decades later, the power of

Pets are an amazing addition to anyone’s life. They bring you joy, comfort, and — in some instances — some extra first-world problem gripes. Hidekichi Matsumoto gets this being a canine and feline owner (as well as a tiny lizard),

Thrillsville is what we would like to categorize as dark macabre circus melodies. One listen will transport you into a strobe light-engulfed spiral, where freaks and anomalies that are aching to take over the outside world! Their latest EP Say Goodbye To