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January 2021

Tamifull’s How Do We Relationship? took me surprised when its first volume dropped. While there have been a lot of really good yuri stories I’ve read in the past, this was one of the first that had a coupling that

Picture this: the sight of goddesses ascending to Earth. Beautiful spirits that should bring new tidings and world events to the human race. But instead of becoming mouthpieces for the powers that be, they instead become pop idols. Yeah, it’s

Many people want to achieve the ultimate goal in life. To some, that goal is perhaps to get married and have kids; other times, people wish for a prosperous job and a nice roof over their heads. Denji, the titular

Within the ranks of the new anime premiering this past fall, there were quite a few returning favorites that nestled their way into the roster. Did these shows continue the legacy of their previous seasons, or did they hinder them

We survived 2020! But before we start off the new year, King Baby Duck counts down the very best records from outside of Japan! From electronica and metal to even country, our host looks at the releases that took our

I will admit that I was getting a little worried about Dr. STONE after its thirteenth volume. While it was good, it lacked the smarts that has made Riichiro Inagaki and BOICHI’s work the unique series in the Shonen Jump

Shuzo Oshimi is a master of traumatic horror. It’s the kind of terror that showcases the psychological scarring that can be placed upon an individual. The inability to speak, the trouble with getting your thoughts together, and the feeling of

Around the time the Nintendo Wii launched, a video game trailer was making its rounds that had gotten my attention. Its mixture of high-octane violence meshed with some terrible English dialogue gave me b-movie vibes in video game form. It

It should be known that Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru was forced to cut its narrative short. Writer Masashi Kishimoto and his artist Akira Okubo had hoped to tell the story within 10-15 volumes of manga, only for it

Daniel Takes A Train from its London home nonstop to Manchester going 60 kilometers an hour. Meanwhile, another train leaves London to Manchester going 90 kilometers an hour, with a couple of 10-minute stops in-between. Who will show up first, and