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September 2015

After babysitting Roger Goodell, King Baby Duck welcomes Caroline Murphy and Eli Kosminsky of this year's Boston Festival of Indie Games. Hear what they hope to see happen at this year's event, as well as their thoughts on the current trends of the

It's not every day that a terribly bad, old movie from way back when is made into a video game. Manos: The Hands of Fate at least had the distinction of being riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 before this game

A premise like Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls should not work in the ways it does. These types of programs usually play to one incredibly small -- albeit wealthy -- otaku fanbase who goes out and purchases everything that

It's the 100th Podcast episode of No Borders No Race, and King Baby Duck goes big by welcoming two of his friends from Japan to take part in the festivities: Molice manager (and frequent music contributor) Tom Melesky and SAWAS PHOOL frontwoman

No Time to Explain originally released on Windows, Mac, and Linux as a Flash game back in 2011 on Newgrounds. Fast-forward to 2015, and now it's finally being ported to consoles and Steam as a remastered version. No Time to Explain is

RONIN is an odd game. It claims it's not a stealth game, but being stealthy is what you should probably be doing for as long as you can. Once you are caught however, something interesting happens: It becomes a turn-based game.

When I was first told about Aoharu X Machinegun, it was described as "Ouran High School Host Club with guns." Naturally a line like that hooked me right into checking this series out. No, it doesn't feature incredibly bright-colored worlds

The Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime join King Baby Duck on this week's No Borders No Race, as they review two of the summer anime that are shining brightly from Japan. First the guys look into Monster Musume, which fills a strange niche

It's not often that a series -- anime or not -- can balance comedy and drama to both extremes. Sometimes when a comedy tries to act serious, it seems forced; when a drama tries to go for a laugh it