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October 2015

Eschatos launched on the 360 in 2011, which was often the home for shoot-em-ups released in Japan. As such most of them weren't localized. Four years later, publisher Degica Games has answered the call and launched a shmup initiative on Steam.

Walking blindly into School-Live! is like the equivalent of being shot in the face in the midst of your wedding vows. It all starts out wonderfully colorful and filled with happiness, and then all of a sudden something comes along and

It's an all-music episode, though more by accident due to some mix-ups and minor setbacks! However King Baby Duck spins some fine artists from Japan, the US, and Europe, but not before sharing a few words about the recent Frank

It's been a really long time since there's been any kind of Grandia game release in the West, let alone worldwide. While Grandia II was released originally back on the Dreamcast, it has been ported to the PS2 and PC. The

After griping about the recent music venue issues happening in Boston King Baby Duck welcomes Blowfish Studios' Aaron Grove as they chat about their upcoming multiplayer creator Gunscape. Then Phil the Issues Guy pops in to talk about the new

It was weird going a full year without a release from Japan's top punk queens TsuShiMaMiRe, but after cranking out album after album of sweet, adorably brain-melting punk music for seven straight years the trio made up of Mari, Yayoi, and

King Baby Duck sits down with some of the developers behind this year's most unique titles shown off at the 2015 Boston Festival of Indie Games. First we chat with Untame Games' Julia Keren-Detar about their upcoming release Mushroom 11,

One Piece as a Dynasty Warriors clone was a good idea. Its success led to a sequel, and that game's success has now led to One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, and it's a pretty fun time. However there are some small

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment released about a year ago on the PS Vita, an enjoyable game that was marred by a seriously bad localization (if it could be called that). The text often had spelling errors, or was just plain incomprehensible. Thankfully the

Summer is sadly coming to a close. Farewell nature walks, adieu to poolside cookouts, and sayonara to cute girls in even cuter bikinis. The summer of 2015 has brought us many new anime series, the majority of which were --