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January 2015

King Baby Duck returns from New York City, where he shares his thoughts on the Broadway production of It's Only A Play, starring Martin Short and Stockard Channing, and how he found one of Osamu Tezuka's final works at a

Oh how we cheered a couple years ago. When news broke out that a new Sailor Moon series was to be created to coincide the original anime's 20th anniversary the anime world shook with anticipation. Would it capture the essence

It was 1992 when Honeymoon in Vegas hit the big screen. A well-rounded comedy featuring the talents of Nicholas Cage and James Caan the film acted as a fine fun house mirror directed towards Sin City, not to mention became

The world of superheroes and their powers have been viewed by many in various metaphorical fashions, from the famous Superman speech in Kill Bill Vol. 2 (where the Man of Steel's Clark Kent is his view on humanity being weak)

The thrilling conclusion to our best-of list, King Baby Duck counts down to the reveal of Boston Bastard Brigade's Album of the Year! (Click here to hear the first part of the list!) Plus Tyler Abstract of Abstract Japan, Andrew

WARNING: While the review and images provided are safe for viewing, the following video game discussed in this article contains sexual content inappropriate for players under the age of 18. Yes, it's one of THOSE titles. Just don't say we