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February 2015

Rashed Mokdad (AKA The Arab Gamer) of VGStaTionS and King Sparkileptic of The Region2 Show drop in on this week's show as they chat about the concept of video game hype. When does it succeed, and how & why might it

In the past shows like M.A.S.H. and Hogan's Heroes did well with poking fun of the trials and tribulations that occur within the army ranks. This season the anime realm takes a chance at finding comedy within a war-like subject

King Baby Duck tips his hat to Beck for his Grammy victory, but waves his finger at Kanye West for his attitude towards the Odelay master. Excitement is in the air as Spider-Man joins his pals in the Marvel Cinematic

I've never been one for sports-based anime series. In fact the only one I remember watching for a good amount of time was The Prince of Tennis, although I grew tired of watching its protagonist Ryoma act like an egotistical

King Baby Duck rubs it in as he celebrates a well-deserved Super Bowl victory, and talks about why Benedict Cumberbatch may have a solid chance at Oscar gold in a couple weeks. The flaws of the movie Lupin The Third

The following is an expanded piece originally discussed on Episode 78 of No Borders No Race. Nintendo is now slowly but surely starting to bring out the Wii titles onto the Wii U eShop, with Punch-Out!!, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Super

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, 42's Anime Reviews, and Scarlet Rhapsody team up for a super-deluxe No Borders No Race. The good (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Parasyte, Haikyū!!), the bad (Super Sonico, Cross Ange, Shonen Hollywood), and the just-plain ugly

Kunihiko Ikuhara has lost his marbles. That is the only explanation I have for why his latest show, Yurikuma Arashi, is the way it is. After watching the first three episodes, I found myself not having the slightest clue what

King Baby Duck pays tribute to the late ORIGA, before going head-on with the recent controversy involving the New England Patriots. The new FXX comedy Man Seeking Woman treads familiar comedic territory, and hear which Wii titles that never made

Satellina's premise is pretty simple: three different colored particles are on the screen. You can only touch the green ones, and not bump into either the red or yellow particles in order to avoid starting the level over. As the