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March 2015

I had the chance to play the slow release preview builds of Axiom Verge over the course of several months, and seeing as the game comes out next week on March 31st, I thought that I'd share my experience with

King Baby Duck returns feeling well-refreshed after recovering from reporting on everything at PAX East. Nintendo jumps into the mobile gaming realm, and Hideo Kojima's exit from Konami spells band news for the once-respected company. A trip to a local comic

On one hand The Rolling Girls is quite the gorgeous and entertaining show, marked with its own unique style and attitude. However what we are given in the first two episodes of this anime doesn't mesh well with what has

With PAX East reporting nearly finished and our Podcast host suffering from some mental fatigue, King Baby Duck decides to take this opportunity to present to his listeners a rarely-heard interview conducted back in his WMWM Salem. Recorded on St.

Slice-of-life shows are a dime a dozen these days, and Chronicles of the Going Home Club from NIS America is no exception. Like many of these shows, there's always either a hook or some semblance of continuity or closure. This

Recorded at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, King Baby Duck chats with nearly a dozen developers about the hottest and most original new games and tech that will be coming to us very soon! Hear all the latest news

Very rarely has there been an anime that has led me to question the authenticity of a franchise's past incarnations quite like Yatterman Night has. A new chapter in the popular Tatsunoko series, we're brought to a world that once

The South By Southwest Festival is a couple weeks away, and King Baby Duck is here to give a helping hand on all the bands from Tokyo to Boston that will be performing at Austin's most popular festival. Nineteen artists,

On the surface Assassination Classroom looks bizarre. By now you've seen pics of its main character: a tentacled smiley-face whose appearance is a thin line between adorable and nightmarishly creepy. Worry not, viewers, for Assassination Classroom is not a book