The South By Southwest Festival is a couple weeks away, and King Baby Duck is here to give a helping hand on all the bands from Tokyo to Boston that will be performing at Austin's most popular festival. Nineteen artists, along with where and when they'll be performing at this year's event.


  1. TsuShiMaMiRe - Isoginchaku Hitomonchaku (from the album A, Umi Da)
  2. Haioka - Rei Row (from the Rei Row EP)
  3. Sean McConnell - Bottom of the Sea (from The B Side Session EP)
  4. Perfume - Hold Your Hand (from the Cling Cling single)
  5. mothercoat - Trickster (from the 5 - 1 + 1 = EP)
  6. Chandos - Swim Gym (from the album Rats In Your Bed)
  7. BO-PEEP - Spiral Revolution (from the album SICK ORANGE TELEVISION)
  8. Samurai Dynamites - sugar (from the Shiro Sawa EP) [out of print]
  9. The Ballroom Thieves - Wild Woman (from the album A Wolf in the Doorway) [available April 21]
  10. LITE - On A Gloomy Evening (from the album Filmlets)
  11. Pirates Canoe - Matty Maloy (from the album One For The Pain In My Heart)
  12. Lost Midas (feat. Audris) - Head Games (from the album Off The Course)
  13. The fin. -  Veil (from the album Days With Uncertainty)
  14. QUORUM - QUORUM (from the QUORUM EP)
  15. Krill - Torturer (from the album A Distant Fist Unclenching)
  16. moumoon - LOVE before we DIE (from the album LOVE before we DIE)
  17. Zarigani$ - Loves (from the L EP)
  18. GRMLN - Teenage Rhythm (from the album Empire)
  19. Mahoshojo-ni- Naritai - Kyōsō-kyoku Zaraki (from the mini-album Bōken no Sho 1)

It's the ultimate J-POP and Boston rock guide to one of the hottest festivals around. It's No Borders No Race: The SXSW 2015 Edition!

The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on,, iTunes, the bands' official websites & Bandcamps, and your local record stores.

For more information on the South By Southwest Festival visit their official website. For all your Japan Nite needs go to their official site and Facebook page. Special thanks to Audrey Kimura for sending down many of today's artists.

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