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April 2015

It was two years ago when Skinny Lister washed up on the American shores. A gang of English folk singers with as much pep as liquor in their bellies their debut album Forge & Flagon brought a bountiful of joy

Anime Boston has come and gone, but King Baby Duck is raring to go when word gets out about the return of the Guitar Hero franchise. The Spring 2015 anime season is underway, as KBD looks at the first couple episodes

A plethora of press peeps join together in another segment of this year's Anime Boston interview coverage! This week KBD, along with his pal 42Believer of 42’s Anime Reviews, The Daily Geekette, Angry Anime Bitches, Anime Herald, and Abstract Framework, sit down

KBD, along with 42Believer and contributors from the Boston Globe, the Otaku Into It Podcast, Ani-Mazing Radio, Anime Herald, Angry Anime Bitches, and Nihon Review sit down with Cherami Leigh at this year's Anime Boston. Join us as she talks about

**WARNING: WHILE THIS ARTICLE IS SAFE-FOR-WORK, THE FOLLOWING REVIEWED GAME IS INTENDED ONLY FOR PLAYERS 18 AND OLDER. READER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED** There was a time when games like Candy Crush Saga and Scurvy Scalliwags had me hypnotized into playing their puzzles,

The Metroidvania genre has grown really big, almost to the point of becoming over-saturated. Among them all, none are so closely imitated as Axiom Verge. The game is practically a love letter to the genre, and it very much fills

King Baby Duck, along with JC Riley of the Issues Program and Kristen & David of the Otaku Into It Podcast, get the chance to chat with veteran voice actor Richard Epcar, who shares his experience playing Batou in Ghost in

Anime Boston 2015 has come and gone, and we've got an awesome roundtable wrap-up show for you all to enjoy! In the first part of post-con shenanigans King Baby Duck is joined by the folks over at Wicked Anime, 42's Anime

Picture yourself getting off an elevator and walking into a bar, without any knowledge of how you got there. You, along with one other person, are told by the bartender that you must play a game, with your lives on

We're only a couple days away from Anime Boston, and King Baby Duck is joined by the Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime and Jared the Greek of Scarlet Rhapsody as they share some (not really) helpful tips on how to