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June 2015

King Baby Duck attends a greatĀ little gaming event at Microsoft's New England Research & Development Building, as he chats with some up-and-coming developers about how they plan to change the video game landscape. First Will Wolff & Will Jobst of

King Baby Duck is joined by the Fleming brothers of Wicked Anime and Scarlet & Jared of Scarlet Rhapsody as they review the (possibly last) Studio Ghibli film When Marnie Was There. ThenĀ the gang plays a round of the Coin

Catlateral Damage is a strange game. In fact it's almost not really a game at all, but rather an anger management therapy software in kitty form. And I suppose one couldn't ask for more. Catlateral DamageĀ is a first-person perspective game where

YD: yearn to do. It's the way of life for most of us that have grown up in the 80s and 90s, where the only things we wish to do are the things we feel are worth accomplishing. Everything else

Originally released as doujinshi visual novel back in 2003, Higurashi was successful enough that it reached acclaimed status, getting several enhanced ports and an anime adaptation. While only the anime managed to make it to the West, that all finally

Gather up the catnip and shoestrings, because No Borders No Race is about to get catty! King Baby Duck welcomes Fire Hose Games' Eitan Glinert to chat about their new game Catlateral Damage, where you play as a cat knocking

Not a HeroĀ kind of came out of nowhere for me. Once I caught wind of it through various sites and the Sup' Holmes interview with the developer last year, I've anticipated it ever since. And now it's finally here. Not

After two long years the movie event we've all been waiting for has arrived! Join King Baby Duck, TheDCD, and Scarlet Rhapsody's Scarlet Spiegel & Jared the Greek as they go crazy over this visual spectacle known as Kung Fury!

As avid readers and listeners can attest, I take any anime series based around music very seriously; perhaps too seriously in some cases. In my mind a music anime needs to haveĀ itself a good balance of fine storytelling and songwriting.

It's not everyday that a visual novel comes along that strays off aĀ beaten path typically associated with only a specific presentation. The Reject Demon Toko, much like its title suggests, marches to the beat of its own bass and strums