June 2015

King Baby Duck is still in post-E3 recovery mode, but that won't stop him from spinning some great tunes from the Land of the Rising Sun! It's an all-music show, plus our host plays a couple artists that caught his

Down in South Hall there stood a section of games being developed by the freshest blood the industry can be given. Promoting its next festival happening in October IndieCade offers players the chance to try out some titles within the

With Persona 5 closer to release, it’s getting time to say a fine farewell to its predecessor. Persona 4 brought us a great story and some pretty incredible characters, not to mention some fine spin-off games that ranged from battles

King Baby Duck sits down with Comcept's Associate Producer Nick Yu, as he talks about the much-anticipated video game Mighty No. 9. Hear how he reacted to how fast the Kickstarter reached its goal, what kind of strategy players are going

For years I've dreamt of having a video game that was like playing a really bad sci-fi movie. Thank the Argonauts for ACE Team (Rock of Ages), who are making this dream a reality with their latest endeavor The Deadly

For a game collection to be worthy of the title “legacy” you’ll need to stuff it with tons of goodies and behind-the-scenes material that will give players the ultimate experience. Digital Eclipse understands this, as they are teaming up with

King Baby Duck, TheDCD of alistdaily, and Paustinj of Gamertag Radio join forces to bring forth a massive explosion of amazing games they witnessed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Star Wars Battlefront! Fallout 4! Ghost Recon! Edge of Nowhere! Forza

The Playstation 4 isn't the only place the girls of Senran Kagura are hitting this year. On August 11 the next chapter of the 3DS incarnation arrives on our shores, in the form of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. This time, however, the students of Hanzo

The thing about sniper-focused video games is that those who play them with a Call of Duty mindset will find themselves riddled with bullets over and over again. Patience is key, as in real-life snipers will wait for hours --

The first Mirror's Edge has a special place in my heart, as it was the very first PS3 game I purchased. Running around the city as I climbed high buildings and dove narrow drops, it was a first-person experience I