King Baby Duck, TheDCD of alistdaily, and Paustinj of Gamertag Radio join forces to bring forth a massive explosion of amazing games they witnessed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Star Wars Battlefront! Fallout 4Ghost Recon! Edge of Nowhere! Forza Motorsport 6! Star Fox Zero! Senran Kagura Estival Versus! Yo-Kai Watch! The Last Guardian! DOOM! Holy shit, so many eye-popping titles!

Don't be a fucking troll! Join us for the most positive E3 Podcast show in the history of online broadcasting! It's the E3 2015 Post-Show: "Everything Was Game Of The Year!"

Opening/closing theme: "The Age of Pamparius" by Turbonegro (from the album Apocalypse Dudes)

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