The day has arrived. After being teased with it under its Project Morpheus name back on 2014, PlayStation VR has arrived for gamers everywhere. With its $400 price tag (minus the cost of two PS Move controllers and the PS

It's been nearly two weeks since the doors closed on this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, which means it's high time we look back at what shined the brightest and what was best left forgotten soon afterwards. Join King Baby Duck,

We're just a few short hours away before we're kickstarted into the fun and crazy spectacle that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Join King Baby Duck, OpsHead's TheDCD, Marcia Morgan of The Mommy Gamers, and ElectricSistaHood's Byerk as the four gaming

PAX East 2016 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck has some really awesome folks from the likes of Devolver Digital, Ysbryd Games, tinyBuild, and GungHo Online Entertainment family chatting about their latest games! Grab your joysticks and a clean pair

King Baby Duck seems a bit smug in the beginning of this week's episode, as he talks about his newest addition to the B3 studio: the Spark from Blue Microphones. A run-through of the Homefront: The Revolution closed beta reveals

The Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime join King Baby Duck for this somewhat holiday-themed episode of No Borders No Race! Hear about their favorite Christmas-based anime episodes, as well as how thankful they are for [adult swim]'s early Feast of

King Baby Duck, TheDCD of alistdaily, and Paustinj of Gamertag Radio join forces to bring forth a massive explosion of amazing games they witnessed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Star Wars Battlefront! Fallout 4! Ghost Recon! Edge of Nowhere! Forza

Recorded at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, King Baby Duck chats with nearly a dozen developers about the hottest and most original new games and tech that will be coming to us very soon! Hear all the latest news

A deluxe edition of One-On-One is coming your way, as King Baby Duck chats with the folks behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dead Island 2, and Homefront: The Revolution. Plus get all your headset info from the experts at

Like most people whenever I use a headset for music or video gaming I want to make sure that not only does the sound come in crystal clear, but that they keep my ears comfortable for the entire duration of