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On a super-sized PAX East 2014 edition of One-On-One KBD chats with a great bunch of developers and PR guys working behind-the-scenes on some of the coolest games and tech that is coming out this year! Hear interviews with the

The PlayStation 4 has arrived on our front door, and King Baby Duck decided to invite a couple friends to share their thoughts on Sony's next-gen system. Paustinj of GamerTag Radio and Eric Kelly of RPGrinders guest-star as they discuss

The Fleming brothers of Wicked Anime and 42Believer grab a seat around the King's roundtable, and share their excitement over the upcoming [adult swim] broadcast of Shinichiro Watanabe's Space Dandy! Post-event reports are on the table as they discuss their

A year ago at Boston FIG I stumbled upon a game from Defective Studios called Gimbal Cop, which had two players chase one another through a tentacled road. One player creates the road, while another player had to follow it

Last week King Baby Duck checked out an Oculus Rift showcase in Cambridge, MA, where developers showed off what they have planned for the next step in virtual reality gaming. First Erik Asmussen from 82 Apps talked about the origins

Created by Erik Asmussen Disco Dodgeball will have players go head-to-head against one another in a battle of speed, agility, and ball-tossing. During my time with the game I was fitted with the Oculus Rift, which not only served as

On a new B3pisode King Baby Duck and Blueonic test-drive a new segment on the show: BAD WEEK/GOOD WEEK! Almost all things bad under the sun regarding Boston sports dampens the Bastards' spirits, from the lost of the Stanley Cup

The Boston Bastard Brigade chat with Matt Payne and Lerin O'Neil of Plantronics about the Gamecom Commander Headset at PAX East 2013. It's the top of the line headset that Plantronics has to offer for the serious gaming experience to close out the background noise at the tournaments, or to block out the stuff going on around your house.

As a game reviewer I need all the concentration I can get when playing through any title. It's not because I don't want to bothered (okay, maybe a little bit), but rather it's due to the fact that I need to be able to point out every single pixel, sound, action, and just about everything else that is featured in a video game. I won't lie when I say it's hard to do this when even the smallest sound outside of your gaming realm can sometimes distract you. Fortunately I've found a great solution to this little gaming issue in the form of Plantronics' GameCom Commander, the official headset of the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Recently I got to do a video interview with the Senior Technical Marketing Analyst of NVIDIA Andrew Coonrad. He showed me their upcoming controller, Project SHIELD,  that features a built-on screen, giving you the capabilities of walking away from the computer and enjoying the game in another part of your house without dragging a wire around. Using the video graphics card of NVIDIA this new controller will get those very sweet graphics right in the palms of your hands.