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Let The Balls Fly Fiercely In "Disco Dodgeball"

Let The Balls Fly Fiercely In "Disco Dodgeball"

Created by Erik Asmussen Disco Dodgeball will have players go head-to-head against one another in a battle of speed, agility, and ball-tossing. During my time with the game I was fitted with the Oculus Rift, which not only served as my sight but also my scope to take down the AI robots that want to toss those round rubber orbs right at me. The demo started off with just one robot trying to take me down, but as soon as I made my first hit (which, no lie, took a lot longer than I thought I would) more enemy bots appeared. Fortunately I was assisted by some friendlier robots that helped to take down the my foes.

The game has a visual style compared to old-school Tron. The robots look quite simplistic, and the battleground is engulf in bright neon. As the match runs through a fantastic mixture of original and licensed techno and dubstep blares, fitting well with the club atmosphere that the game wants to present.

When it comes to the Oculus Rift immersion Disco Dodgeball does a fantastic job with creating an imaginative realm that keeps you engaged with your surroundings. It feels like the sort of cool yet simplistic virtual reality experience we were expecting to see many years ago, when VR was but a twinkle in an aspiring mind's eye. While it does take awhile to get used to the game's control scheme, once you figure out how to properly aim and charge your ball to take down the robots then the path towards being a dodgeball master will start to be revealed.

Currently Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball contains four arenas and three game modes: Classic Deathmatch, Score Battle and Elimination. Asmussen also plans to update the game with lots of new content, including one that will have a Rollerball sort of vibe to it. You can purchase the game as part of an Early Access deal on the official 82 Apps website (which will include all free updates), or you can try out the free Alpha version of the game if you wanna see what it's about before getting the full deal.

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