November 2013

Atlus is taking a fair risk by localizing Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match here in the US. A fighting game featuring lesser-known anime characters (which, in return, were based on even more obscure adult dating-sim games) doesn't seem to scream "financial

After the launch of the PlayStation 4 KBD returns to the music realm, and explains why an Xbox One launch show isn't happening on the B3 site anytime soon. Reviews of Thor: The Dark World and Ender's Game are given,

A couple years ago Hudson Soft released a game called Lost In Shadow, a side-scrolling puzzle title that had you control the shadow of an unnamed protagonist. While it had some cool concepts the game itself was a sadly a

The PlayStation 4 has arrived on our front door, and King Baby Duck decided to invite a couple friends to share their thoughts on Sony's next-gen system. Paustinj of GamerTag Radio and Eric Kelly of RPGrinders guest-star as they discuss

Back when Saints Row The Third was winning people's hearts and stealing away the title of most-fun open-world series from the Grand Theft Auto franchise there was news of an expansion pack that would inject more lunacy than one could

For well over a decade Arcade Fire have been winning over fans and hearts with their mixture of somber and uplifting music. They also won themselves a few awards in the process, including the prestigious Album of the Year at

Yuyuko Takemiya had a runaway hit with his light-novel series Toradora!, which spun an equally-popular anime series and a couple of Japan-exclusive video games. Now that the story of Ryūji and Taiga has met its end Takemiya fixed his focus

The Fleming brothers of Wicked Anime and 42Believer grab a seat around the King's roundtable, and share their excitement over the upcoming [adult swim] broadcast of Shinichiro Watanabe's Space Dandy! Post-event reports are on the table as they discuss their

A year ago at Boston FIG I stumbled upon a game from Defective Studios called Gimbal Cop, which had two players chase one another through a tentacled road. One player creates the road, while another player had to follow it

Last week King Baby Duck checked out an Oculus Rift showcase in Cambridge, MA, where developers showed off what they have planned for the next step in virtual reality gaming. First Erik Asmussen from 82 Apps talked about the origins