December 2015

2015 is just about wrapping up, which means the time has come to start looking back at this year's best albums! Join King Baby Duck as he counts down from 20-11 on his list of the records that shined the brightest

Because it has apparently been far too long since the last Sakura game, Winged Cloud has make a quick little holiday entry with Sakura Santa. While you can expect to see the usual tropes and ecchi stuff in this entry,

Have you been naughty this year? Are you a big Star Wars fan, but have yet to see The Force Awakens? Well guess what?! King Baby Duck, TheDCD, and John Riley are going to spoil the ever-loving fuck out of it for you!

While Sekai Project has published many a visual novel, Sound of Drop –fall into poison– is their first dive into the horror sub-genre. Originally released back on Halloween, the game is a good creepy time that explores the creepiness of aquariums

Telltale Games has done many adventure games in its time, and with The Walking Dead they had seemed to reach a level of consistency in regards to quality of the titles that followed it. But perhaps under the strain of

The Force is strong with King Baby Duck, especially with his buddies TheDCD and John Riley in tow. This week TheDCD shares his picks for best and worst films of 2015, which leads to an argument with him and Riley

It's not often that an anime series goes so far into the distance that it not only makes the competition look bad, but even mocks the existence of every live-action show that has graced the presence of our television screens.

After celebrating the success of both the Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Buy the Rights Kickstarters, King Baby Duck welcomes Alexandra Samper-Martínez of Spain's Delirium Studios, as they chat about their latest video game The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind.

Is it possible to live a life of luxury without a certain amount of street smarts? Can one order the finest of French cuisines, only to be baffled by the concept of an Extra Value Meal? Does such a thing as a

The Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime join King Baby Duck for this somewhat holiday-themed episode of No Borders No Race! Hear about their favorite Christmas-based anime episodes, as well as how thankful they are for [adult swim]'s early Feast of