Have you been naughty this year? Are you a big Star Wars fan, but have yet to see The Force Awakens? Well guess what?! King Baby Duck, TheDCD, and John Riley are going to spoil the ever-loving fuck out of it for you! Find out who Kylo Ren is, which characters bite the dust, and just how Jar Jar Binks is involved with the film's biggest plot twist!

Hey, you should've been good this year. It's your fault for being an awful person this holiday season! Now we're gonna ruin everything you hold dear to your Jedi-induced mentality! Because bad kids don't just get coal or a visit from the Krampus! No, they have everything they cherish most destroyed, and that's what we're going to do!

So parents with naughty children: lock your little ones in their rooms and play this special episode at full blast! It's The Star Wars: Episode VII Spoilerific Podcast Christmas Special (For Krampus's Victims Only)!

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