King Baby Duck seems a bit smug in the beginning of this week's episode, as he talks about his newest addition to the B3 studio: the Spark from Blue Microphones. A run-through of the Homefront: The Revolution closed beta reveals some weird character animations, as well as some challenging A.I. in the form of the game's enemy soldiers. Michael Moore's latest documentary Where To Invade Next gets the NBNR seal of approval, and the anime YuruYuri is spotlighted as a show that's both funny and filled with great character development.


  1. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Right Now (digital single)
  2. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Horizon (from the album Ska Me Forever)
  3. Iggy Pop - Success (from the album Lust For Life)
  4. SCANDAL - Chiisana Honoo (from the album Yellow) [available March 2]
  5. Chatmonchy - Rakuen Tengoku (from the albumĀ Kyoumei)
  6. Serj Tankian - Borders Are... (from the album Imperfect Harmonies)
  7. Eir Aoi - GENESIS (from the album D'AZUR)
  8. Loudness - Crazy Nights (from the album Thunder in the East)
  9. Wavves - Hippies Is Punks (from the album Afraid of Heights)
  10. Anna Tsuchiya - Under My Mask (from the album strip me?)
  11. Galileo Galilei - Ghost (from the album Sea and The Darkness)

AKARIN!!! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Juu-Kyu!

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