Recorded at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, King Baby Duck chats with nearly a dozen developers about the hottest and most original new games and tech that will be coming to us very soon! Hear all the latest news about Splatoon, Enter The Gungeon, LOUD on Planet X, Duck Game, the WAKFU animated series, and much much more from the people who helped bring them into this world!

Synch your controllers and Press A to begin! It's the PAX East 2015 One-On-One Spectacular!


  1. Intro (0:00)
  2. Corey Olcsvery of Nintendo Treehouse for Splatoon (1:53)
  3. Ojiro Fumoto of Moppin for Downwell (8:05)
  4. David Leong of Kingston Technologies for HyperX Cloud 2 Pro Gaming Headset (11:50)
  5. Landon Podbielski of SuperJoe Bob for Duck Game (17:21)
  6. Jay Tholer for Dropsy (21:53)
  7. Megan Lam of The Behemoth for Game 4 (25:42)
  8. Marc Todd of Skreens Entertainment Tech for SkreensTV (31:36)
  9. Alex Jansen of Pop Sandbox Productions for LOUD on Planet X (37:43)
  10. Sabrina Waters of Ankama for WAKFU: The Animated Series (42:38)
  11. Anchel Labena of Knap Nok Games for Affordable Space Adventures (47:05)
  12. Dave Crooks of Dodge Roll for Enter The Gungeon (52:52)


"Blues Drive Monster" by the pillows
"The Fallen" by Franz Ferdinand
"Ghosts 'n Stuff" by deadmau5 (feat. Rob Swire)
"Ducktales (Main Theme)" by Lame Genie
"Clown For The Day" by BEAT CRUSADERS
"Secret Song" by Will Stamper
"Supernaturally" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
"Triumph of Life" by Fucked Up
"Sur Tes Pas" by Caroline Szatapski (feat. Sébastien Pintiaux)
"Breathe (In The Air)" by Pink Floyd
"Feuer Frei!" by Rammstein

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