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GAME REVIEW | More To Worry About Than Being Shot In "The Messenger"

I think I've finally found the best game to come out of Devolver Digital. My experience with the publisher's output...

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GAME REVIEW | "Swords of Ditto" Beats the Clock to Save the World

In the wake of Breath of the Wild, a lot of indie developers have still longed for a more traditional...

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PAX East 2018 One-On-One Spectacular!

PAX East 2018 has come and gone, and our own King Baby Duck had the chance to sit down with...

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GAME REVIEW | Technical Issues Can't Pardon Design Sins In "Absolver"

Absolver at first glance sounds like an interesting game. Play as an unknown avatar character of your own making, and go...

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PAX East 2016: A One-On-One Special!

PAX East 2016 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck has some really awesome folks from the likes of...

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GAME REVIEW | Always Double Tap In "Enter The Gungeon"


Eric Kelly tries a new video review series, and starts off with Enter the Gungeon, a tough rogue-like twin-stick shooter that...

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GAME REVIEW | "Holiday Star" A Middling Birdie Fan-Disc

If you liked Hato Mao's HD remastering of Hatoful Boyfriend, then you might be pleased to know that there is...

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REVIEW | Turn-Based Assassination Gets Stealthy In "RONIN"

RONIN is an odd game. It claims it's not a stealth game, but being stealthy is what you should probably be...

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Bunnylord is Your Savior, "Not a Hero"

Not a Hero kind of came out of nowhere for me. Once I caught wind of it through various sites and...

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PAX East 2015 One-On-One Spectacular!

Recorded at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, King Baby Duck chats with nearly a dozen developers about the hottest...

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