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BOOK REVIEW | "NieR:Automata" Less Exciting In Novel Form

Video game novelizations. Is there ever a phrase that sounded more redundant? Granted there have some some exceptions, with Alan...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Ni-Hyaku-Go

Even having a plethora of mic troubles won't keep King Baby Duck from doing his show! After watching the DC Extended...

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ANIME REVIEW | A "Listless" Attitude Leads To Comedic Brilliance

It's amazing what one can get away with in the anime realm. No, I'm not talking about something like hardcore...

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GAME REVIEW | Shooting Fishy Ships In Latest "Darius Burst"

It's been awhile since a Darius game to hit the West, let alone North America. Up until this release, the last Darius...

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E3 2015 Post-Show: "Everything Was Game Of The Year!"

King Baby Duck, TheDCD of alistdaily, and Paustinj of Gamertag Radio join forces to bring forth a massive explosion of...

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"Going Home Club" Given A Fun Seal of Approval

Slice-of-life shows are a dime a dozen these days, and Chronicles of the Going Home Club from NIS America is...

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KBD's Top Ten Best Video Games of 2013

It's been a month since a new year of gaming began, so enough time has passed to make a fine...

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Lara Croft Rises From Her "Tomb"

Lara Croft is a legend in the gaming world, influencing many developers and gamers alike. A strong independent woman, she...

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Episode CLII: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

The Bastards come racing down the busy freeway to bring you another new episode!

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Challenging Puzzles Lead To An On-Par "Conundrum"

It must be tough for Kim Swift. She could not have even predicted the monster she helped design over at...

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