October 2018

Video game novelizations. Is there ever a phrase that sounded more redundant? Granted there have some some exceptions, with Alan Dean Foster's rendition of LucasArts' The Dig being the shining beacon of how to do it right. But taking an

It may be the day before Halloween, but this week's No Borders No Race is more about going foxy rather than ghostly. King Baby Duck welcomes the crew from Dirty Beast Games, as they chat about their origins and what

Once upon a time, there was a young fair maiden named Himeko. The daughter of a nobleman, she was to be betrothed to the king's only male heir, which would make her the princess of all who stood in her

Series about idol groups are a dime-a-dozen, leaving little room for originality in the genre. Sometimes the strength is in the storytelling (THE iDOLM@STER), the music (Wake Up, Girls!), orĀ -- in rare cases -- both aspects (Love Live!). But man,

Viz Media has announced the release of two new books that expand on two of anime's biggest franchises: Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball! On November 13th,Ā Hiromu Arakawa's complete color artworks of Edward Elric and the rest of the alchemist crew will

I am a sucker for cellos that invade other genres outside the classical norm. Bands like Apocalyptica and the aptly-named 2Cellos are known for pluckingĀ their massive string instruments in the same way Jimmy Page or Joshua Homme rips chords on

SNK has made many a fighting game in it's existence, but never have they ever tried to make one with a cast completely made up of all the women from their various series. That changes with SNKĀ HEROINESĀ ~Tag Team Frenzy~. Unfortunately,

Since launching in 2017, HIDIVE has delivered a plethora of anime and live-action selections to stream online. For awhile, the only places one could experience their library was via their PCs, phones, and tablets. That all changed yesterday with the

Two main factors have influenced this review, and one is that I admittedly have a soft spot for mangaka Ranmaru Zariya. (Also, it's because this is a yaoi that contains supernatural themes.) I want to say upfront that Coyote initially

After giving his listenersĀ some advice regarding how to watch Goblin Slayer, King Baby Duck dives into the importance of the iyashikei genre (especially since it wasĀ announced that Laid-Back Camp gotĀ a second season green-lit). The Netflix series Hilda enchants our host