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October 2018

Webster's Dictionary defines badminton as the following: "a sport rich white people play while drinking mimosas and guffawing with pompous glee." Okay, maybe that's not the official definition of badminton, but it's what I always associate it with. It's the

It's amazing to think that female heroes in anime and manga all got its start with Go Nagai's Cutie Honey. Created in 1973, the transforming android made boys swoon over her looks while girls cheered for a powerful beam of justice

Right at the get-go, The Molice's latest album GATE goes for the jugular. Its opener "Hello Hello" roams around its listener, like a bull ready to charge at the matador. Normally it'd be the bullfighter that comes out on top, but

Atlanta-based singer K Michelle Dubois roars hard and heavy when behind the mic, raising a middle finger towards the powers of oppression while throwing a fist in the air for those lacking a voice. This is very apparent in her

It was five years ago when Studio 4ºC and Ankama Animation gave the world a taste of MFKZ (or Mutafukaz, as it's known throughout the rest of the world). Since that time, each visual leaked was drenched with badassery, giving

Great stories can be victims of bad adaptations. Ask the likes of Stephen King and Junji Ito, and I am sure they can list every single flaw they've witnessed in their work adaptations. NISIOISIN (Imperfect Girl) may very well be

Last year, the anime world cringed over the existence of the series Seven Mortal Sins. Its perverted take on Paradise Lost was not only too serious for its own badness, but it managed to do so without any sense of

After getting a simple fix for his microphone, King Baby Duck praises both the anime and manga versions of After the Rain for its means of storytelling and character development. Telltale Games shuts down out of the blue, leaving our

The human heart is a fickle thing. Worst than that, it can make you feel things about certain people that would make normal folks raise an eyebrow or two. One of those things a heart can do is make you