King Baby Duck is joined by the Fleming brothers of Wicked Anime and Scarlet & Jared of Scarlet Rhapsody as they review the (possibly last) Studio Ghibli film When Marnie Was There. Then the gang plays a round of the Coin Flip as they challenge each other about questions within the anime realm.


  1. MO'SOME TONEBENDER - Jamupan Chōdai (from the album Rise From Hell)
  2. HYDE - Countdown [English Version] (from the album FAITH)
  3. Louis XIV - Paper Doll (from the album The Best Little Secrets Are Kept)
  4. m-flo Loves Kahimi Karie - Cozmo-Naughty [House Mission Mix] (from the album DOPE SPACE NINE)
  5. Stance Punks - Mony Mony Mony (from the album Howling Idol) [out of print]

Take a row towards an elegant dream! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Kyu-Juu-Ni!

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