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Off-Beat Romance Jams In "Reject Demon Toko" Prelude

Off-Beat Romance Jams In "Reject Demon Toko" Prelude

It's not everyday that a visual novel comes along that strays off a beaten path typically associated with only a specific presentation. The Reject Demon Toko, much like its title suggests, marches to the beat of its own bass and strums out its own jam that's worth looking into.


The Reject Demon Toko is about a demon girl named Toko, who has to claim a soul of a deceased person to ferry it to the afterlife. This is done in demon society as a right of passage to adulthood. However after a chance meeting in her childhood, she fails, and for years was unable to successfully extract a soul. Of course she runs out of free chances, and is kicked out of Hell. While trying to find somewhere to seek shelter, she runs into a friendly girl named Nadia. Being the kindhearted person that she is, Nadia decides to let Toko stay at her place. Toko reluctantly agrees, and more or less becomes her roommate. However the longer she stays in the human world, the more human she becomes.


Toko has to adjust to new concepts like eating human food, dealing with previously non-existent emotions, and wearing thicker clothing to stay warm. It's not long until people from her old home catch up with her and Nadia. An altercation results in Toko awakening to the fact that she has created a familiar, a being that grants her power, and the true mark of her adulthood. These familiars are somewhat reminiscent of the Personas from Persona, or the Stands from Jojo. Oh, and the familiars have a base form of an instrument. This is because demons get their power through Rock Magick.


The Reject Demon Toko is a really interesting story, but it's unfortunately too short. Plus, while a lesbian relationship between the skinny Toko and curvy Nadia beats genre norms, I can't help but feel like it's a bit forced. There's literally no real build up in the two and a half hours the game lasts. Then again it's only the introductory chapter, with two more on the way. The next two chapters might be a lot longer, and Toko may very well be asked why exactly she's attracted to Nadia (or vice-versa). Its art is interesting, if a bit rough, using more pastels and looking very much like a modern Western comic book emulating an anime look. The music is pretty good as well, and while there is no voice-acting Lupiesoft seems interested in pursuing that as a future update and in later installments. Plus the game is also very affordable at just five dollars.


The Good Liking where the story is going.
The Bad But it's dreadfully short.
The Ugly The romance between Toko and Nadia seems a bit forced.

Summary: A Yuri visual novel that seems promising, but hopefully future installments flesh out the length and plot a bit more.

FINAL GRADE: 7.0 (out of ten)

Review code provided by Sekai Project. The Reject Demon Toko Chapter 0-Prelude can be purchased on Steam

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