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June 2015

For a game collection to be worthy of the title “legacy” you’ll need to stuff it with tons of goodies and behind-the-scenes material that will give players the ultimate experience. Digital Eclipse understands this, as they are teaming up with

King Baby Duck, TheDCD of alistdaily, and Paustinj of Gamertag Radio join forces to bring forth a massive explosion of amazing games they witnessed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Star Wars Battlefront! Fallout 4! Ghost Recon! Edge of Nowhere! Forza

The Playstation 4 isn't the only place the girls of Senran Kagura are hitting this year. On August 11 the next chapter of the 3DS incarnation arrives on our shores, in the form of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. This time, however, the students of Hanzo

The thing about sniper-focused video games is that those who play them with a Call of Duty mindset will find themselves riddled with bullets over and over again. Patience is key, as in real-life snipers will wait for hours --

The first Mirror's Edge has a special place in my heart, as it was the very first PS3 game I purchased. Running around the city as I climbed high buildings and dove narrow drops, it was a first-person experience I

Ask anyone over in Japan what the hottest thing is right now, and you will get a unanimous answer of Yo-Kai Watch. Level-5's franchise has brought forth massively popular video games, a hit anime series, and even films that have

If there's one word the Senran Kagura series knows nothing of, it's subtle. Filled to the brim with fan-service games, manga, and anime this franchise delivers plenty of eye-popping visuals mixed with some pretty enjoyable gameplay mechanics. This is ever-so

The release date for the hotly-anticipated Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to Mega Man, is drawing near. After a successful Kickstarter and many behind-the-scenes reveals it's apparent that Comcept has been working increasingly hard to bring forth a game that

King Baby Duck & Hamsterman2049 bring us the first of (hopefully) many post-presser events happening at E3 2015, with Bethesda showcasing their first event! Fallout 4! Dishonored 2! DOOM! Hear these two ESHers share their excitement over what Bethesda is

There are interesting platformers, and there are some not-so-interesting platformers. However once in awhile there's the Schrödinger platformer, and while it hovers somewhere in-between the two extremes, it leans a little more on the dead side. Schrödinger's Cat is that game. It's